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Sep 6, 2010 11:00pm PDT
. >> they came screaming by too, >> football game between boise state and virginia tech made tv history i have tonight. it was the first college game ever televised using the new 3d technology. earlier today sports fans at ricky sports theater and grill in san leandro were amazed by the 3d telecast of the tennis open. one customer reached out and tried to grab a player. >> perspective it is so great. like you are right there you can reach out and touch somebody. >> saw it here. just the beginning of it. every year they come out every 6 months like a cell phone. upgrade it. >> might want to hold off agent while. >> give it some time. >>reporter: and he makes a good point. technical standard not been adopted universe avenue. one brand of 3d glasses may not work properly with the competing brand. >> cool looking glasses there. >> yes. football in 3d would be fun to watch. >> speaking of football. 49 ers and players may surprise you and did their part today but would it be enough to catch the padres in the national league west. find national league west. find out [ female announcer ] b
Sep 23, 2010 11:00pm PDT
virginia than into the officer patrol car. fatal crash occurred the night of july 26 2006. here at cambridge and fulton streets. he was in the stolen van with two ovrments he led police on high speed car chase after committing a string of robberies. they wound their way from highway 280 through city streets. impact of the crash turned his police cruiser on to the sidewalk. burke had been on the force 5 years at the time he was stationed at bay view police station. fellow officers were lived when they found out that pat was out on bail in the murder happened. >> i will find out why this piece of garbage was not incarcerated. >>reporter: today dozens of officers packed the courtroom to show their support for their fallen comrade. pat broke down and cried softly after the verdict was read. outside the courtroom officer burke's father spoke of for giveness if since the murder occurred during a robbery, this is a special circumstances case which means that the defendant could get life without parole. sentencing set for next month. 2 others in the van with him that night are awa
Sep 1, 2010 11:00pm PDT
as a category 3 by tomorrow evening. hurricane warnings are up for carolina and virginia. as you notice, the category 3 becomes a 2 heading parallel to the new england coastline for the holiday weekend. it is a dangerous category 4. the biggest threat with this will be the rain, the wind and the potential for some rip currents. here in the bay area it was the heat today. very summer like. numbers in the 90s. look at the mid to upper 90s. 97 in concord. even around the bay, 90 in oakland and 91 in san rafael. coastal areas are on the warm side. half moon bay in san francisco in the 70s and the 80s. by the way, pacifica came up a good 21 from yesterday's highs. just to give you an indication as to the magnitude of the heat, the high definition emeryville camera, sun down at 7:39. no fog in sight. but that is going to change. the numbers right now are under clear skies. really warm still. 60s and 70s except in half moon bay where it is 55 degrees. another hot day inland tomorrow. not as warm at the coast. and we are facing a cooling trend heading into the weekend. watch what happens on our
Aug 31, 2010 11:00pm PDT
the coast. hurricane watches are up from southern north carolina all the way to the virginia border. we are talking about dangerous rip currents, large battering waves. of course if it veers anywhere further to the west heavy rain and wind will be a problem if you are traveling there for labor day weekend. temperatures under quiet conditions. 50s to 70s compared to 24 hours ago, most of the bay area is warmer. look at los gatos, up 12 degrees. up 9 degrees in antioch. is going to set the stage for some hot days inland the next few. warm at the coast and much cooler weather heading into labor day weekend. tonight we have clearly seen a northerly wind flow develop and it swept everything away except for a few patches around the san mateo coast and monterey bay. this will be a thing of the past. by morning it will all be gone. temperatures by morning in the low 50s to the low 60s. so a very mild start tomorrow morning. and then we are expecting rapid warming as we see the down sloping wind continuing. temperatures in the 70s, a warm one. the inland areas closer to the triple digit mark. 90
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4